Saturday, May 31, 2008

christian bale batman workout

Christian Bale’s Batman workout for the upcoming “Dark Knight” sequel has turned the actor from skinny to jacked in a matter of weeks. For the Dark Knight, Christian Bale underwent an intense training regime to make sure that he was a believable Batman. Anyone who has ever watched Christian Bale’s workouts know that he can change his body for whatever the role calls for. Well for Batman, he had it tough.

Not only did he have to add substantial muscle since no one wants to see a scrawny and weak Batman but he also had to get lean and have a 6-pack for his out of suit shots. Just to make his training that much harder, he also have to be agility and increase his vertical leap slightly for some action scenes that he chose to do with a stunt double.

Now that’s tough training. Now I didn’t train him but if I did then here’s what I would of done with him.

For his diet he would of consumed lean protein and healthy fats with every meal. His carbohydrates would have been kept low and been limited to only carbs that contain fiber like yams, oatmeal and brown rice and we should have had his carbs center around his workout time so that they didn’t get stored as fat. This way we’d have fuel for his intense workouts without worrying about him getting a pot belly.

The proteins that he would of eaten would have been fish, beef, lean steak, chicken, and turkey and whey protein powder. We would have kept his healthy fats in a moderate amount since they’ll raise his natural hormones and keep him full. He also would have had unlimited vegetables since the fiber would of stop any cravings for cheat foods.

His training would have to be different from your typical gym training. Christian can’t afford to do bicep curls and tricep pushdowns since he has to have an athletic body that can move. Plus using compound movements like bench press and squats will keep his fat burning potential for one to two days post workout.

Not to mention that those exercises will help me to add muscle to multiple body parts at the same time. Each exercise would be done with eight to twelve reps for three to four sets since those are the best sets and reps to build muscle.

Each workout would need to have some type of explosive movement in it to increase his stamina instead of forcing him to do 30-45 minutes of cardio after his workout. He’s an actor and doesn’t really have any time after his day is done to go and just walk on a treadmill. I’d have him doing jump pushups, jump squats and jump lunges.

His ab training would have to revolve around heavy ab workout since only high rep, heavy weight core training will make your abs pop out. He’d use 8-12 reps with 3 sets for his abs and he would train them with movements like swiss ball crunches, kneeling cable crunches and cable chops.

Just a few little insights into what Christian Bale went through in preparation for his new Batman movie.

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Mike T Nelson said...

Interesting Jimmy.

How you ensure his movement stays good? Just curious!

Rock on!
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